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The Band of The Royal Life Guards

The orchestra dates back to the founding of The Royal Life Guards, June 30th 1658, by King Frederik III. Thus The Royal Guards celebrated their 350 year anniversary in 2008.The ensemble is a concert- and marching band consisting of 36 professional musicians. The band, known for its daily parades in downtown Copenhagen, plays as well for The Royal Family’s festive occasions and for military parades. Furthermore the band performs concerts throughout Denmark and abroad with a repertoire ranging from classical to popular music, and, of course, the well-known marches.The Band of The Royal Life Guards is not only telling stories from the past, but also making history for the future. The band represents timeless values such as tradition, quality, dedication, vitality and adaptability; values no less important today than in the past, values that will bring us into the future.The Royal Guards motto:”Pro Rege et Grege” –”For King and People”.